End of the Line: A True Story of People and Pipelines

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Friday, October 9
6:30pm – 9:00pm
Villa Sacred Heart
580 Railroad St, Danville, Pennsylvania 17821

‘The End Of The Line’ is a new film that follows the grassroots resistance to the recently defeated Bluegrass Pipeline in Kentucky.

Filmmaker Sellus Wilder will be in attendance of discussion following the films.

Filmmaker Sellus Wilder will be in attendance for discussion following the films.

Kentucky filmmaker Sellus Wilder wants this film to inspire other communities to recognize that it is possible for grassroots efforts to overcome seemingly impossible odds, and The End Of The Line shares some of the tactics and strategies that worked for pipeline opponents in Kentucky.  He will be present for Q&A following the screening.

When two major energy companies teamed up to ship hazardous liquids to the gulf coast, they didn’t count on the resistance the Bluegrass Pipeline would encounter in Kentucky. A diverse coalition of farmers, activists and religious orders won against all odds after joining forces to resist a threat to their land, liberty, and lives.

ASSurpriseAlso featured will be the short film ‘Atlantic Sunrise Surprise’ by local filmmaker Scott Cannon that tells the story of two landowners from Columbia County living with the threat of having their property seized in order to build the Atlantic Sunrise.

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If coming from the direction of Bloomsburg on Route 11, turn right at the light at Dunkin Donuts. Follow that street, which is Railroad Street, for a ways; it will pass homes on the left and a large red wall on the right. At the end of the street, right before it curves around to the left, there will be two entrances on the right, just past the end of the wall. The first entrance has an arch with a sign that says St. Cyril Academy. Do not use this entrance! Take the one immediately after it, which has no arch or anything.

Go up the hill, following the road on a slight curve around to the right. At the intersection, turn left, and follow that road to the back of the big white building which is there. (Signs will be posted.) Drive around the back of the building, and park in one of the spaces available. Walk a little farther and go in the door that is there directly into the auditorium.

If parking in the back is filled up, continue driving around the building out to the front and park in that parking lot, then walk back around to the back of the building and use the door going directly into the auditorium.

This event is sponsored by Columbia County Against the Pipeline, Clean Air Council, the Sierra Club, and Shalefield Organizing Committee. Special thanks to the Sisters of Saint Cyril and Methodius.