Sierra Club Releases Report on Economic Cost of ASP

The Sierra Club recently commissioned a study about the economic impacts of the Atlantic Sunrise – a counter study to FERC’s impact analysis.

And the associated press release.

Here are the primary findings:

  • FERC overstated the pipeline’s economic benefits while discounting or ignoring economic costs.
  • Those costs include diminished ecosystem services value, economic damages associated with increases in greenhouse gas emissions (social cost of carbon), public health costs, and property value impacts.
  • One-time costs (ecosystem service lost during construction) would total $6.2-$22.7 million; annual costs (recurring year after year) would total $2.9-$11.4 million in diminished ecosystem service productivity, plus the social cost of carbon would be $457-$3.5 billion per year.
  • The total estimated economic cost of the project (one-time costs plus discounted value of future annual costs) for the study region is $21.3-$91.6 billion.
  • These estimates are conservative — they don’t include passive use value (e.g., the value of preserving the landscape without a pipeline for future direct use), damages to natural resources, property, and human health and lives in the event of mishaps during construction and leaks/explosions during operation; or property value impacts along the right-of-way and in the evacuation zone.
  • Air pollution from compressor stations could cause 7,530 people to experience adverse health effects (e.g., respiratory illnesses, sinus problems, vision impairment, and severe headaches).
  • There are 19,200 homes and 45,032 people in the evacuation zone.

Please consider writing a letter to editor based on this information–it is important to share with the public, and may help the community better understand why so many people are opposed to the pipeline.


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