Williams Easement Agreements: Quote regarding final offers

“Williams applied to FERC for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity. If they receive that, landowners who are claiming more than $3,000 in losses will be taken to the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals by Williams for eminent domain condemnation orders and compensation hearings. The compensation hearings are based on appraisals submitted by both sides, and a panel of citizens selected like a jury decide the “just compensation” for each landowner,” explained Alex Lotorto of the Energy Justice Network.  “At that point, if a hold-out landowner doesn’t have their own appraisal, only the company’s appraisal is considered. The final offers Williams might be referring to are the 20% early sign-on bonuses landowners were offered in addition to what Williams decided should be their price per linear foot. That 20% may be less than what a landowner may receive in additional compensation if they successfully navigate the compensation hearings in the 3rd Circuit, which aren’t expected to take place until late 2016 or 2017.”