Pipeline Explodes at Site of Previous Williams Emergency Evacuation

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      Tracey Sampson told Channel 11 that she rushed outside with her cellphone in-hand to capture the well fire burning right next door.

     “Last night, I thought we were done. I really did. I thought the whole place was going to blow,” she said….

     A spokesperson for Williams Energy Company told Channel 11 that the pipeline originates in Marshall County, West Virginia, and transports ethane to the Houston, Pennsylvania, area in Washington County.

     — From “Gas pipeline fire in Washington Co. prompts urgent evacuations,” at this December 25, 2014 Pittsburgh Channel 11 News site:



     About a dozen people had to spend Christmas Eve in a hotel, their car or a fire hall after a pipeline explosion in Washington County….

     Neighbors say flames were so bright they light the sky orange. The explosion was also so loud, they say it rocked their homes.

     — From “Pipeline Explosion Pushes Residents Out Of Homes On Christmas Eve,” at this December 25, 2014 Pittsburgh Channel 2 News site:




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The fire as seen from residents’ homes on Western Avenue

(Photo by Shawn Sethman)

     [Resident Shawn] Sethman lamented the fact it was the second evacuation he and others on his road experienced this year. Nearly 100 residents were evacuated in May when lightning struck the MarkWest plant and caused a gas leak.

     “Obviously, it’s not safe,” he said of the gas facilities. “Things like this keep happening and nobody understands that area right there is ground zero.”

     — From “Fire at Chartiers gas meter station causes evacuations,” by Emily Petsko, at this December 25, 2014 Washington, Pa. Observer-Reporter site:


A comment left at the above site:

     Isn’t it nice no one who is actually responsible for these things live any closer to them then W. VA. Bet they don’t have pipelines in their back yards. 


The following is about the above-mentioned emergency at the same site in May 2014:

     Lightning struck a release valve at the MarkWest Marcellus Shale gas processing plant in Chartiers Township, Washington County on Wednesday, starting a fire and prompting officials to evacuate about 50 people living near the facility.

     Washington County Commissioner Larry Maggi said hazmat teams were on scene to determine if the gas that escaped the valve and formed a plume of smoke above the compressor station was hazardous.

     “They were almost certain that it is not,” he said.

     — From “Families Evacuated Following Fire at Washington County Markwest Facility,” at this May 28, 2014 Marcellus Monitor site: