Hundreds of Lancaster Citizens Oppose Pipeline at FERC Meeting

Nancy Jeffries of Conestoga speaks out against the pipeline.

Nancy Jeffries of Conestoga speaks out against the pipeline.

Over 450 Lancaster County residents attended the FERC Environmental Impact Public Scoping Meeting about the Atlantic Sunrise, Monday night in Millersville.  40 residents were given 3 minute intervals to present their case for or against the pipeline.  All 40 comments were against the pipeline, including ones by a county commissioner, archaeologist, geologist, and leaders of various local preservation and conservation groups.

Applause, standing ovations, and cheers erupted after many speakers had their say, despite FERC’s plea for silence during the public meeting.  There did not appear to be any people  in support of the pipeline in attendance, not counting the Williams Energy employees in attendance.

Mark Clatterbuck, a landowner from Martic Township in Lancaster County, had this to say to the FERC officials:

“Local community opposition is as real as turtles and bats.  The great majority of landowners in our township oppose the pipeline.  Martic and Conestoga townships are asking you to take formal accounting of the will of the communities most directly affected.”