Compressor Station Info Session: Updates & Health Risks

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SUNDAY, AUGUST 28TH  at the  AGRICULTURAL EXTENSION BUILDING                    (702 Sawmill Rd. Bloomsburg 17815)

Q & A. Light refreshments provided.

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PA DEP Extends Permit Comment Period

A bit of relief in a long battle – the PA DEP has given the public an additional 60 days to comment on the 102/105 water encroachment permits relating to the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline.  We now have until August 1st 2016! 

Thanks to all who pressured the DEP to allow the public more time for comment!

Now we can continue to request a Public Hearing so we can have an open, public conservation with the DEP about our concerns. Click here for info on submitting a request.

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Updated Map: Draft Environmental Impact Statement

The Draft Environmental Impact Statement shows minor route changes and four FERC-suggested alternatives to the pipeline right-of-way. Stay tuned for further analysis…

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Pipeline Presentation Draws Large Crowd at Columbia County Commissioners Meeting


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Thursday, May 5th, 2016: Deirdre Lally (Clean Air Council) delivers a presentation on the Atlantic Sunrise project to the Columbia County Commissioners and over 30 concerned residents.

By Sierra Shamer, Shalefield Organizing Committee

BLOOMSBURG, PA –The Columbia County commissioners meeting was well attended Thursday when over 30 concerned citizens showed up to support a presentation highlighting health and safety concerns of the proposed Atlantic Sunrise natural gas pipeline and compressor station. Representatives of the local group, Columbia County Against the Pipeline (CCAP) have attended these meetings for months, encouraging the commissioners to become as informed as possible about the proposed project and what it would mean for the residents of Columbia County.

Organizer Deirdre Lally from the Clean Air Council gave a presentation on the 183- mile Atlantic Sunrise project, a proposed natural gas transmission pipeline that would affect 10 counties in PA. Over 40 miles of this pipeline and a compressor station would be constructed within Columbia County. Over the last year and a half, landowners have been approached by Williams Company to sign over their property rights for the pipeline right-of-way. If they refuse, Williams can acquire the power of eminent domain to take their land against their will.

The decline of Williams financial state and merger, their contracts to ship gas overseas, the inability of this pipeline to provide gas to local homes and businesses, and the health impacts of compressor stations were all addressed. The presentation emphasized the dangers of hazardous air pollutants that compressor stations emit 24-7 including methane, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, benzene, and other volatile organic compounds. These pollutants cause a large range of medical issues including respiratory problems, vision impairment, sleep disturbances, sinus problems, severe headaches, and others.

While the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has the power to permit the pipeline, the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and local zoning offices determine the location and permit for compressor stations and other related facilities. The proposed compressor station would be located in the northwest corner of Orange Township.

The Columbia County Against the Pipeline group asked the commissioners to write a letter to FERC listing concerns about pipeline and compressor safety, and to ask for increased public comment and participation in this process. Commissioner Chris Young agreed to this request. Despite hearing of the health threats of the proposed compressor station, the county commissioners stated they are not going to oppose the project, but would support any decision made by the Orange Township supervisors on this issue.

“Property damage and negative health impacts have already been proven in Pennsylvania as a result of compressor stations. Now that they have this information, we hope that our local elected officials will do what they can to protect the public health and safety of Columbia County residents” said Clean Air council organizer and Columbia County resident, Deirdre Lally.

For more information, please contact Deirdre Lally (

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New Map! Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline: Connecting the Dots

The proposed Atlantic Sunrise pipeline is part of a statewide pipeline buildout intended to transport gas extracted from the shale fields in PA to markets overseas. The overview map below shows the links between natural gas unconventional drilling in NEPA, proposed and existing transmission pipelines, and the planned Cove Point LNG export facility in MD.

FERC states that the “no-action” alternative would “eliminate the short and long term environmental impacts, but the objectives of Transco would not be met… there is no available capacity for existing pipeline systems to transport the required volumes of natural gas to the range of delivery points…with the exception of the Tennessee Gas Pipeline, none of these existing pipeline systems are in close proximity to the production areas of northern Pennsylvania.”    p. ES-14 to ES-15 (p. 47 of 472) on Volume 1


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Infrastructure Tour w/Sierra Club

Join us in the Loyalsock!
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Compressor Station Info Session


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Great Turnout at Marcellus Reality Film Showing

Thank you Scott Cannon and everyone who attended to make this event successful!

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Marcellus Shale Reality Tour Film Screening


Thursday, February 18th  @ 6:30 PM

***Free Admission***

County Conservation District Building, First Floor Conference Room

 (702 Sawmill Road, Bloomsburg PA)

Hear true, firsthand stories of PA residents whose lives and livelihoods are impacted by the natural gas industry.

For more information call 443-293-6635. Weather date is the following Thursday, Feb 25th.

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End of the Line Screening – October 9th

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Friday, October 9
6:30pm – 9:00pm
Villa Sacred Heart
580 Railroad St, Danville, Pennsylvania 17821

‘The End Of The Line’ is a new film that follows the grassroots resistance to the recently defeated Bluegrass Pipeline in Kentucky.


Filmmaker Sellus Wilder will be in attendance of discussion following the films.

Filmmaker Sellus Wilder will be in attendance for discussion following the films.

Kentucky filmmaker Sellus Wilder wants this film to inspire other communities to recognize that it is possible for grassroots efforts to overcome seemingly impossible odds, and The End Of The Line shares some of the tactics and strategies that worked for pipeline opponents in Kentucky.  He will be present for Q&A following the screening.

When two major energy companies teamed up to ship hazardous liquids to the gulf coast, they didn’t count on the resistance the Bluegrass Pipeline would encounter in Kentucky. A diverse coalition of farmers, activists and religious orders won against all odds after joining forces to resist a threat to their land, liberty, and lives.

ASSurpriseAlso featured will be the short film ‘Atlantice Sunrise Surprise’ by local filmmaker Scott Cannon that tells the story of two landowners from Columbia County living with the threat of having their property seized in order to build the Atlantice Sunrise.

Tickets $10 in advance, $15 at the door.

Buy Tickets

Click to RSVP via facebook.


If coming from the direction of Bloomsburg on Route 11, turn right at the light at Dunkin Donuts. Follow that street, which is Railroad Street, for a ways; it will pass homes on the left and a large red wall on the right. At the end of the street, right before it curves around to the left, there will be two entrances on the right, just past the end of the wall. The first entrance has an arch with a sign that says St. Cyril Academy. Do not use this entrance! Take the one immediately after it, which has no arch or anything.

Go up the hill, following the road on a slight curve around to the right. At the intersection, turn left, and follow that road to the back of the big white building which is there. (Signs will be posted.) Drive around the back of the building, and park in one of the spaces available. Walk a little farther and go in the door that is there directly into the auditorium.

If parking in the back is filled up, continue driving around the building out to the front and park in that parking lot, then walk back around to the back of the building and use the door going directly into the auditorium.


This event is sponsored by Columbia County Against the Pipeline, Clean Air Council, and Shalefield Organizing Committee. Special thanks to the Sisters of Saint Cyril and Methodius.

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